Interview with Larry Gibson of LETEK Photo Booths of Houston, TX

We recently sat down with Larry Gibson, the Founder of LETEK Photo Booths. Located in the Houston, TX area, Gibson’s photo booth rental and photography services are just a small portion of his LETEK empire. We were fortunate enough to speak with him and learn more about he is up to.

Small Business View: Can you tell us about your company and what you do?

Larry Gibson: LETEK Photo Booths was started last year to complement our photography business and provide additional services to our clients. We pride ourselves in providing a great photo booth experience using some of the latest technology available.

SBV: How did you get into this business?

LG: We got into the business by customer request. We had clients asking if we could provide a photo booth for their event. After enough requests, we decided to invest in the photo booth business.

SBV: What is the most enjoyable thing about this business?

LG: The most enjoyable part of the business is watching people of all ages having fun. Watching people that are older being kids again and waiting anxiously for the strip to come out of the printer and then racing back in for another. Then getting the call or e-mail days after the event and hearing they are still talking about the photo booth and how much fun it was.

SBV: What are some of your greatest challenges?

LG: Biggest challenge is trying to stay on top of all the competition on new offerings with the photo booth. We are fortunate that we designed our photo booths from the ground up and do have a technology company as a sister company so allows us to keep up and, most of the times, ahead of the competition.

SBV: If you could provide any advice to fellow business owners, what would it be?

LG: As with any business it takes time to build and get things going. Be patient, make sure you follow up with all customers, make them feel appreciated. We send them a thank you card after each photo booth, which I’m almost positive nobody else does. Listen to your customers wants and needs. Any business model should always be evolving. Never get stuck doing the same thing over and over again. You have to change with the times. Otherwise you will be left behind.
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