Interview with Erik P. Mosich for National Veterans Small Business Week

In honor of National Veterans Small Business Week, we had a chance to speak with veteran Erik P. Mosich, owner of Erik Mosich & Associates, Inc. He shared his military background and his experiences thus far as a new business owner.
Can you tell us about your business and what you do? 
Mosich & Associates, Inc. runs the QuickBooks for companies all
across the nation with it’s innovative and 100% secure virtual
bookkeeping services. EM&A can manage the books for companies on
a monthly basis and provide financial consulting for new business start-up as well as QuickBooks cleanup for existing companies. We
also can provide full payroll processing for our clients.
How did you get started doing this?  

I was
running the books for a group of five companies all owned by the same
family. I was basically running as a company but without the
designation.  After speaking with one of my friends (who happens to work at World Advisory) about how I was already
a company just without the designation, I decided to incorporate
and start the S-Corp.

What is your military background? 
I am a US Marine
with two letters of appreciation from a two-star Major General and a
third from a Colonel for exceptional performance of my duties. These duties
included managing our Regiment’s $5 million per fiscal year budget,
negotiating government contracts, and conducting fiscal reviews.


How has serving in the military helped you in business? 
Earning the title of US Marine has helped me in many aspects of
my personal and professional life.  The ability to stay calm in a
high stress environment has helped me excel where many others fail. 
The Marine Corps has given me a keen sense of attention to detail
and an unyielding drive to always accomplish whatever mission I am
currently undertaking.

What has been the most challenging for you as a business
owner so far?

The most challenging thing about being
a business owner for me has been time management.  I could work 24
hours a day 7 days a week and still have more to do.  Delegating
work to employees is vital and also extremely difficult to do when
you are used to doing everything yourself.

What has been the most rewarding? 

The most
rewarding part about being a business owner is being able to
alleviate enormous amounts of stress from my clients.

Any advice for people thinking of starting a business? 
is a tough question, I wouldn’t suggest most people start their own
business. It takes a lot of dedication and personal discipline, both
of which are not common character traits. However, if you are one of
these people; network, network, network!!!
EM&A’s website is currently under construction, but if you are interested in speaking with Erik, you can reach him at 
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