How To Change A Facebook Page Username More Than Once

Are you trying to change your Facebook Page Username more than once?
It’s truly unfair how Facebook only allows you one Username change per page. It’s almost as if you’ve inked yourself a tattoo dedicated to an ex-lover that you’re stuck with forever. Between rebranding, changing of business plans, merging of companies, and many other scenarios, it’s certainly inconvenient.
However, we’ve recently discovered a simple and easy way of working around this. The good news is that it’s free, takes only a few minutes, and doesn’t rely on the invisible powers that be at Facebook.
Here are the steps involved:
1) Visit the Page that is Already Established.
This is the page that has your following and all of your content. It’s seemingly perfect, other than that lousy username that is burning a hole in your soul. We’ll refer to this as your Original Page.
2) Create a New Page and Make Identical to your Original Page
Be sure to title it as similarly as possible to the original page. For example: The original page is titled ABC Company so title this new one ABCCompany or something like that.
3) Request Facebook to Merge the Pages
Select to Keep the New Page.
Even if it only has you as the sole ‘Like’ this is your page’s new home.
Select the Original Page to be Merged with the new one.
*IMPORTANT NOTE: Merging the two Pages will only transfer Likes. You will lose all of the content such as posts, images and anything else. While these are great, the Likes are the valuable assets here.
4) Click Send
Facebook should send an approval (or denial) in an email. This can occur in as little as a minute after you’ve clicked Send.
5) Set Up the New Page
Now you should have a brand new page and you can alter it as you please. You should be able to change the Title as you like and as long as you have more than 25 Likes, you can change the Username FINALLY to what you prefer. It can take some time for this to be available though as it’s common for it to get stuck on the ‘Loading’ phase.
This should have you on your way to getting around one of the most frustrating aspects of doing business on social media. Facebook, you’re great and all, but sometimes you can be a real pain in the…
Feel free to leave comments below and let us know of your success (or lack thereof).
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