Interview with Founder of Polostar Dale Schwetz

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dale Schwetz, a professional polo umpire and the Founder of Polostar. He generously explained his inspirational brand, how he got started, and even shared his vision with us. We hope you enjoy!

Small Business View: Can you tell us about Polostar?

Dale Schwetz: Polostar is an instructional and consulting company that represents the sport of polo on and off the field. The mission of our brand is to promote positive energy throughout the world of polo.

SBV: What made you want to do this?

DS: I’ve been playing polo for over 20 years at the highest levels and throughout the past 15 years, I have been one the top professional umpires in the world. With all of the lessons I’ve learned and knowledge I’ve gained, I needed to start a business that would give me the opportunity to teach others from my experiences. This became the birth of the Polostar brand.

SBV: What’s your ultimate vision for the brand?

DS: So, the vision of the Polostar brand is to promote positive energy throughout the world of polo and to teach people the right way to understand the game from a-to-z. Whether you just want to be a spectator at the game, enjoy the game watching Chukker TV, or learn to ride and become a player at Polostar, we will set you up with the right game plan to help you achieve your goals. 
The more people that learn to love the Polostar brand, whether it it’s the instructional business, the apparel line, or the professionalism in general, it will help the game of polo grow. That is the vision of the brand!

SBV: What is the most rewarding thing about what you do?

DS: The most rewarding part of the Polostar brand is being able to be involved in the business that I’ve been around all my life. They say when you love your job you don’t work a day of your life. So, to be able to also teach and represent Polostar, it’s a lifestyle that keeps growing and growing and growing.

SBV: What’s the most challenging?

DS: I enjoy what I do, but I think one the most challenging things is that it requires a lot of travel. We spend about five months on the road promoting Polostar and working our various other businesses in polo. That can be a big challenge for some people, but for us, we love meeting new people and we love spreading the love of Polostar!

Photo by Heather C. Milne

SBV: What advice do you have to anyone just starting out in business?

DS: I believe that you have to have a strong business plan. I’ve learned from mentors of mine that a business plan is the structure of any new business. The plan will change as the business grows, but if you have the business plan to help you stay on track, you’ll find success. At first, I overlooked social media, but thanks to World Advisory, they gave me the vision to use it in a positive way. I must say thank you to World Advisory for putting me on the right track.  It’s been a great base and drives the Polostar brand. 

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