Interview with Leslie A. Bray of Leslie Arnelle

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Leslie A. Bray of the Washington, D.C. area. She told us about her style and media company Leslie Arnelle and her experiences in entrepreneurship. We hope you enjoy!

Small Business View: Can you tell us about your business and what you do?

Leslie Bray: Founded in 2005, Leslie Arnelle is a style and media online boutique company based in Washington, DC. We offer services for individuals, professional, corporate and entertainment industry clients.

As the creative force behind Leslie Arnelle, I have proven  my natural skills in styling by acquiring clients such as TJX Companies and MTV, as well as being featured on Fox 45 and NBC 4.

Through our fashion services, our goal is to deliver impeccable style and a stunning presence. Through Leslie Arnelle TV, our goal is to shine light on people that exude style, talent, and great stories.

You can shop our online boutique for items that will surely add a fab statement to your wardrobe.

Our mission and motto is, “Live well. Live fabulous!”

SBV: How did you get into this business?

LB: I have always loved fashion and beauty, so it was natural for me to pursue it as a career. I’ve tried the corporate world and it never worked out for me, so I was forced to make a career out of what I love to do.

SBV: What is the most enjoyable thing about this business?

LB: I get to enhance a person’s beauty and style which makes them feel better on the inside and look spectacular on the outside.

SBV: What are some of your greatest challenges?

LB: Finding outlets (media) who believe in your talent enough to give Leslie Arnelle a chance to prove we are awesome at what we do as a business to be displayed on a national based platform.

SBV: If you could provide any advice to fellow business owners, what would it be?

LB: Don’t throw in the towel ever. Believe in your talent and keep going until something clicks!

You can visit Leslie Arnelle at

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