Interview with Ron Faminu of 5LINX

We recently met with with Ron Faminu of 5LINX. Within the past few months, he has become an Independent Marketing Representative serving the Greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. We sat down with him to learn more about his company and what he does.

Small Business View: Can you tell us about your business?

Ron Faminu: Sure! 5LINX is a premier network marketing company offering consumers and businesses a wide range of services that leverage the latest technologies to save them money. Our successful business model has resulted in unprecedented growth. In fact, 5LINX was named an Inc. 500 fastest-growing company for four consecutive years (2006-2009) and has been featured in numerous publications.

SBV: In what ways does it help people?

RF: We’ve partnered-up with a number of Fortune 100 and 500 companies as well as other organizations to broker products and services of varying types, many essential to our lives! These “partnerships” allow us to offer some very significant discounts and savings for our customers on things they already use! 
For example, our commercial energy program enables us to have a number of companies bid for our customers business, which in turn provides them with very competitive offers. Additionally, in this down economy, people are looking for a plan “B” that can help them make ends meet and create financial stability for their families and households. 
For many this company has not only fulfilled it’s role of plan “B” but replaced their plan “A” income and enabled them to walk away from their full-time jobs! Imagine the financial and time freedom that creates! All from marketing products, in some cases with the similar effort that it would take a parent to help their child succeed at their school’s fundraising event!

SBV: Does it help small businesses too?

Absolutely! And while VERY important to our economy, not just small businesses either! The FREE analysis and comparison quote for services that most companies use, such as energy bills and credit card services, in addition to cost savings we offer under many other services, are allowing companies of ALL sizes to maximize profitability, which is truly essential in the present economic climate.

SBV: Where can people learn more and sign up?

RF: I would encourage anyone, whether it be a person or company of ANY size interested saving on products and services they already use, to feel free to go to my website and take a look at the products and services we offer. 
There’s an overview as well as a significant amount of information available about our company, the opportunity of becomming an Independent Marketing Representative (IMR) and the types of products and services we provide. We’ve experienced 800% growth over the past 4 years in a down economy and have been featured in the Inc 500 for 4 years straight!
SBV: Can people learn more about joining your team and become Marketing Representatives?

RF: Although you can easily register at my website by just going to I would like to welcome and encourage Anyone that that is interested in joining the team and become an Independent Marketing Representative (IMR) to contact me or one of my business partners directly. 
We as a group would like to empower individuals with financial freedom through helping them to truly embrace the vision of entrepreneurship and personal development. This is truly a team effort and although we are in business for ourselves it’s a great feeling to know that you’re not in business BY yourself and left alone at any stage of the process!
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