World Advisory Welcomes Business Consultant DeWon Tarpley

Welcome our newest Business Consultant for World AdvisoryDewon Tarpley!

DeWon lives in the Seattle, WA area and will be heading up our local involvement and #SmallBizNetworking events. He’s already working with active Clients and doing a fantastic job!

DeWon is a highly creative and multi-talented innovative design consultant, visionary entrepreneur and an inspiring youth mentor.

He makes himself an asset and a resource, because he has a hunger for empowering those around him. Clients, associates, partners and colleagues across the globe often refer to him as the ‘Connector of Dots’ due to resourcefulness and a knack for fostering longstanding relationships.

To DeWon, design is much more than just structures, it’s a network of concepts & ideas coordinated as an expression. He utilizes his inexhaustible imagination and design finesse to create extraordinary blueprints for buildings, business and life.

DeWon holds professional degrees in Business Management (AAS-T), Architectural Engineering Design (AAS-T, currently working on my B.Arch) and Horticulture-Landscape Design (AAS-T).

We’re thrilled to be working with you, DeWon!

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