Avi Lichtenstein welcomed as Business Consultant for World Advisory

World Advisory is excited to welcome Avi Lichtenstein as a Business Consultant.
Based in New York City, Avi has expertise in small business strategy and organic growth.
He has worked in various capacities including, but not limited to: Project Manager for an international consultancy, with clients in the healthcare, tech and automotive industries; Project Coordinator, creating and overseeing international wealth management events; Head of Strategy Development and Implementation for a co-living startup; and a PR Consultant for an economic growth and expansion project for the Ukrainian government.
Throughout his career, he has been committed to helping underprivileged youth reach their potential, working with them through various programs in the US and in Israel, calling on his personal background and experience to generate real social change.
Avi received his BA in Business Management & Conflict Resolution, graduating with honors from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Israel. Prior to his enrollment, He served as a reconnaissance squad Sargent in the Israeli Defense Force.
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