SPOTLIGHT: Interview with Frankline N. Mbunu, President & CEO of Frank Dedicated Services

Can you tell us about your business and what you do?

I founded FDS in July of 2012 with the goal of providing high quality accounting, tax and financial consulting services to businesses and individuals. We are a reputable Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm located in Alexandria, VA with clients all over the United States.

We’re not just like most accountants doing accounting and bookkeeping. We look at the business as a whole to make sure we’ve kicked every tire, and turned over every rock. If you’re not as financially successful as you want to be, we’ll help you get there.

From entity structure, tax planning, to accounting, budgeting, and profit analysis, we help businesses extract the maximum amount of value for the business.

How did you get into this business?

I have always loved helping people. When I worked for a financial institution, helping people achieving financial stability and resolving the day to day challenges they faced with their financial situation, I always felt I could do more. After I completed my second Masters degree, I figured it was a good time to get into business since I had the time.

Also, I have always had the entrepreneur mindset growing up with my mom who was very business minded. She owned a restaurant and was very successful in it. So given my family background and my deep willingness to help people succeed, starting a business where I can really help people was an easy decision.

What is the most enjoyable thing about this business?

The satisfaction I bring to my clients and the lives I change a long the way. There’s nothing more exciting to me than putting smiles on my clients’ faces.

Recently, with innovative strategies and best business practices, we helped a small business automate and improve their accounting processes, identified more than $250K in cost savings and grow their profits by more than $300K within 180 days. It has really been a humbling experience and a dream come true.

What are some of your greatest challenges?

It really has not been all smooth. The first challenge was at the very beginning when I founded FDS. It was very difficult to get it off the ground, like with every other start up business – getting clients, balancing business with my family and personal lives, getting the necessary financing to run the business.

Other challenges have really come from some clients who we usually go extra mile to have them realize the values we provide and how the services we provide can change and better their businesses, and frankly their lives.

If you could provide any advice to fellow business owners, what would it be?

I always tell business owners that having a job is a good place to start in life, but not a good place to end. For the folks who have already taken that big step to own a business I want to say kudos to them. Owning a business is very challenging, it is not easy.

Most of the time success does not happen over night – it takes a lot of hard work, commitment, dedication and consistency. But the good news is if you do these things, and never give up you will succeed. I cannot count the number of sleepless nights I have had, but I think it’s worth it.

Another piece of advice I would provide is not to try to do everything by yourself – get professional help and assistance. For example, it’s hard enough trying to grow your business and making sure your clients are satisfied. Worrying about your finances is not something you can afford. That is why we help take care of our clients’ finances so they run their businesses.

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